Glass blowing is fantastic to watch, and amazing fun to have a go at! You can make your own unique glass piece, a special memento of your trip to Fiji to take home with you.

Hot Glass Fiji has different options to choose from. Have a look and see what you would like to do:

The Quick slick glass trick

Choose and apply colour, shape and make your own paperweight or blow yourself a drinking glass,vase or dish.

Hot glass fun in a short time.


  • F$ 225 per person
  • 7 years and up
  • Takes about 30 mins per person*
  • The experiences are held Tuesday through to Friday


Hot glass fun for everyone from kids to grandparents. Design and sandcast a unique memento from red gold liquid glass.

Think up and make interesting shapes – little ones hand prints, babys footprint, a shell from the beach, iconic Fiji objects – Starfish, frangipani, war clubs, turtles, gekkoes – try a few different ideas.

Great fun and great gifts for friends and family back home.(see NOTE below*)


  • F$ 225 per person
  • Max. 8 people in a group
  • An hour or so, a bit longer if you are in a group
  • The experiences are held Tuesday through to Friday

Experience Glassblowing

Basic glassblowing techniques workshop with Alice. Learn to blow, shape and colour your own unique creations.

You will get to make three pieces of glass some clear glass blobs, a coloured paperweight and a blown vessel (vase, tumbler or dish).

A fascinating insight into the art of glassblowing, this beginners class can be followed up with a second session highlighting finishing for those who can’t get enough of it!


  • Price per person F$ 450
  • Max 4 pax
  • The experiences are held Tuesday through to Friday


** Warning HOT Glass! **

Glass has to cool down slowly from its working temperature of about 1000°C before you can pick it up and pop it in your pocket.

You can collect your creations the following day or later on, or they can be delivered to local area resorts.

Further afield or overseas, we can easily arrange post and packing.


Bookings required. Duration 1 – 4 hours (depending on number of people), we like to start at 10.30am