Born from Fire: Return to the Flames

“Born from Fire” was launched in 2017 as an exhibition to showcase the scope & quality of three-dimensional, sculptural art created by Fijian artists in Fiji. With new works, new themes and guest artists, the exhibition went from strength to strength through two more shows until the enforced break of the last couple of years.

The silver lining of this strange era has been the time to refresh the creative flow, to slow down and look around, to enjoy the beauty and wonder that surrounds us here in Fiji, and to create new ways to distill an essence of that beauty into works of art.

Thus this new exhibition is a reflection of a “Return to the Flames” for both Alice and Shane – a return to the glass furnace in Korotogo and to the Metal workshop in Savusavu, both studios now bustling again with creativity, with new work and new ideas, which can be seen here on display at Born from Fire 2023 – Return to the Flames.

Frangipani Tree


Frangipani Tree

Shane and Alice have been working together on the collaborative pieces for the exhibition. As Shane lives in Savusavu and Alice in Sigatoka, the collaborative creative process has taken place over the waters with images, messages and emails being sent back and forth with ideas and concepts. Once those concepts are finalized the artists create the individual components and send their work to each other to be constructed.

The centrepiece Frangipani Tree was developed as an idea of the beautiful trees that adorn villages, homes & gardens throughout Fiji, their presence throughout the islands symbolising community and coming together. The flower’s scent is fragrant and colour vibrant with their soft yellow and white petals. This Frangipani tree has been made in three sections – it can be bought as a unique piece or sections similar to the smaller Frangipani exhibition piece can be ordered.

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Uto tree


The Tree Collaboration

Chilli tree and Uto tree collaborations from previous Born from Fire exhibitions have proven so popular that the artists have recreated smaller versions for 2023.

Chilli tree


Ocean Run

Ocean Run hadn’t been seen completed by Shane or Alice prior to the exhibition! The concept was designed and components made, a rough mock up was put together in Savusavu, but it has only been revealed in its full glory here at the exhibition!

For the hunting seabirds, first the glass wings were made by Alice, who said “These wings were a challenge! Keeping the heat even, pulling the wings to give them an elegant line as if in flight, the team did a great job assisting me in the studio to see this idea come to life”.

Once the wings were shaped they were sent to Shane who had the nerve wracking job of adding the copper bodies – afterwards, Shane said “I have to admit I was very nervous holding a flame to the copper next to the glass, I was worried the glass would crack! I rigged up a protective barrier with some leather which worked, thank goodness”.

Then we come to the glass fusiliers and underneath Shane’s striking mahimahi, females hunting alongside the bulls.

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The Ocean installation


Progression from the ocean installation

As a progression from the ocean installation Alice & Shane wanted to work with the theme of fish swimming in water and birds in flight, so they decided to make a number of glass vessels with copper components. Shane made small copper fish and birds and sent them to Alice.

Alice then heated up the small copper pieces and picked them up hot on molten glass working and shaping to blow them into vessels. Alice said “This project was right up my street. It’s a massive challenge to work with solid forms within a molten material. The two components work in completely opposite manners, which means I need to adapt my method and process to create the forms. The result was a fantastic contrast of materials within one piece.”

Copper fish on glass


Introducing the artists


Currently based in Savusavu, Shane Bower was born and raised in Fiji’s urban capital, Suva city. Combining an industrious nature and innovative vision, Shane has become one of Fiji’s most sought-after practicing artists, expertly working in large and small scale, copper and metal, for both private and corporate clientele.

Shane’s visual language conveys an acute understanding of form, whether expressed in three-dimensional sculptures, or translated into two-dimensional compositions. Through his various studies of sea creatures Shane captures movement and grace in perfectly representational and individually unique works.

From large scale sculpture to decorative gates, Shane’s innovative signature style has come to represent high quality craftsmanship and a confident understanding of metal in all its forms. His work is built to last and made with a love for Fiji, her people and landscapes always at its core.

Imagination In Metal: Hot Springs Road, Savusavu Email: [email protected] Tel: +679 947 5450/+679 885 3174 Facebook: Instagram: shanebowermetalfiji 



Introducing the artists


Alice Hill combines stunning hand blown glass with elements of local materials, traditions and techniques to create unique, beautiful contemporary art, which has become well known both locally and internationally and is widely collected. Originally from the UK where she trained and worked professionally as a glassblower, Alice’s studio, Hot Glass Fiji, overlooks the ocean from the hillside in Korotogo, and the vibrant colours captured in glass echo the hues of the environment.

The inspiration behind her pieces for this exhibition is both a reflection of the natural beauty and vibrant culture that are the essence of Fiji, and of the joy of being able to ‘Return to the Flames’ and to get back to the studio and rejoin the Hot Glass team.

Hot Glass Fiji: Sunset Strip, Korotogo, Coral Coast. Email: [email protected] Tel: +679 909 3200 Facebook: Instagram: hotglassfiji

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Alice Hill Other Collaborations

Alice has also collaborated with two other artists, Lambert Ho and Filimone Koto working with glass and wood.

Lambert Ho was the guest artist in the 2018 Born From Fire and Fili Koto works with Alice to create her Glass Tanoa series.

Alice was lucky enough to work with Lambert again to create two pieces, Rise Up and Ocean Spray.

Lambert Ho


Introducing collaborating artists


Lambert Ho is of indigenous Fijian-Chinese heritage and began painting at an early age. The second youngest of twelve siblings, he is the only artist in his family. His artistic
practice includes painting, fashion design, jewellery and event décor, and uses traditional Fijian cultural heritage, including historical pieces found in museum collections, as
inspiration for his dynamic contemporary works.

Lambert Ho: Email: [email protected] Tel:+679 8087032 Facebook: Instagram: ianholambert

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Introducing collaborating artists


Fili has been woodcarving for 45 years and is From Naividamu Village, Fulaga, Lau. Currently living in Sigatoka with his family. Fili loves woodcarving, starting from a young age, and always striving to improve his skills. Working with Hot Glass Fiji for many years he has always been interested in using glass in his tanoa design, this exhibition gave him the opportunity to create these unique pieces on display.

The inspiration behind the shape of the tanoas are men sitting around the Tanoa bowl with Sulus wrapped around their legs; his pattern design was inspired from the Vonu (Turtle) and walking Through veikau (Rainforest).

Frangipani Tree


Born from Fire 2023 – Return to the Flames

Thank you for visiting Born From Fire – Return to the Flames, we hope you have enjoyed the exhibition.

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