Fijian Made

Inspired by Fiji – Made in Fiji – Hot Glass Fiji” – our pieces are a reflection and a reminder of Fiji, are individually hand made here and often reinterpret traditional craft skills in a contemporary way.


The tale of Fili and the bottomless tanoa

Our beautiful Tanoas are a beautiful contemporary interpretation of an object that is often found at the centre of Fijian culture – the “grog bowl”, as it is commonly known, around which families and friends sit to talk, laugh and connect with a few bilos of Kava – Fiji’s national pleasure.

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Meet Fili – the tanoa carver

The wooden bodies of our Tanoas are hand carved, finished and sanded to an exact fit by Fili. Fili hails from Lau, the far flung and scattered islands that dot the sea in the South-East of Fiji.

Famous as canoe makers and woodcarvers, Fili comes from a line of craftsmen and is a master of the art, carving with adze and chisel. When he was first asked by Alice to make a tanoa with no bottom, Fili couldn’t quite fathom the purpose of a tanoa that couldn’t hold liquid, but after gently pointing out that this seemed a little crazy to him he went ahead.


Completely individual

It is Fili’s craftsmanship and skill that combines with our hand blown bowls to form our iconic Tanoas – each one completely individual and sanded to an exact fit.

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Fijian Made Buy Fijian Campaign

The Fijian Made Buy Fijian Campaign began in 2011 with the aim of encouraging consumers and organisations to buy Fijian Made goods and services wherever possible has not changed. It’s not a difficult concept to sell.

Most people share the common human inclination to support their own local community ahead of outsiders. And the success of the Buy Fijian Made Campaign has been greatly helped by the well recognised stylised fijians.



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