Alice & Pita working on a exhibition piece in the studio for Born from Fire

As the opening of 2018’s “Born from Fire – From Ocean to Forest” exhibition approaches,all three studios involved have been even busier than usual as the artists work on their individual and collaborative pieces.

Alice and Shane’s work for 2018 is all new and they have also both been working on their collaboration with Sonny Sofe , this years guest artist at Born from Fire.

Installed in the Rara Lounge at the iconic Grand Pacific Hotel in Fiji, entry to the exhibition is free.

The exhibition will be staffed by studio members each day from 9am until 6pm (NOTE – the exhibition will be closed on the 23rd and 24th October), with one or all of the artists in attendance most days.

If you are only free later, the doors remain open for visitors until 9pm.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Find us on Facebook and say you Are Going! to the event 😉

Born from Fire 2018 - From Ocean to Forest
Born from Fire 2018 – From Ocean to Forest
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