Introducing Hot Glass Fiji’s two assistants…..

Hot Glass Fiji is lucky to have two very dedicated employees. Both were born and raised in our neighbouring village of Korotogo and both have very unique skills. We will start with Peter….

Peter started work with Hot Glass Fiji at the beginning of the year. He came to us highly recommended by a friend as hard working, dedicated and a keen learner. Happily, these attributes have all turned out to be true!  Here is a little bit about Peter:

Peter Peter is 21 and completed most of his education in Sigatoka, except for 2 years at AOG high school in Suva. Once he had finished  at high school he furthered his studies at FNU doing Maritime Studies at Laucala Bay for a year. In 2012 Peter was asked to return to his village to help his grandfather in Korotogo . This is not unusual for Fijian families –  family ties are very strong and often a young member of the family will return to assist the elders.

Peter started his creative career in Korotogo assisting an  artist friend, Matenga Kingi. During his time there Peter worked on sculptural and painting art works. This gave him an excellent opportunity to experience creativity first hand. From the art studio he spent some hands on practical experience with a local carpenter, giving him confidence and knowledge in basic carpentry.

Peter blowingIn 2014 Peter joined Hot Glass Fiji – I have to say that for someone who had never seen or indeed even heard of glass blowing before, his calm, inquisitive, unquestioning manner made us realise that he was the perfect candidate to become Fiji’s fist glass blowing apprentice. Peter has come on leaps and bounds over the past 6 months; eager to learn new techniques and dedicated to being the best glass blowing assistant he can, he is developing into a very promising glass blower himself.

BlockingHe would not be a Fijian if he was not passionate about rugby; when he can, he trains with the Korotogo boys and plays with the team which so far i think have won all their games this season! He will also fit in a game of soccer here and there and he enjoys meeting new people, socialising , listening to music and playing his guitar.

So when I asked Peter “What are your aspirations, what do you want to get out of this time with Hot Glass Fiji?” he replied “One day I want to own my own glass blowing studio in Fiji, but not until i have traveled and gained experience in different glass studios around the world”!

If he carries on the way he is going, i believe he will do exactly that!

Next week I will be introducing our other star assistant Laisa.



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