Only 1 day remaining of the Born from Fire Art Exhibition

Only 1 day remaining at the Born from Fire Art Exhibition at the GPH in Suva.

For the last 10 days, the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva has been hosting an exhibition of stunning contemporary metal and glass sculptural art created in and inspired by Fiji.

Entitled “Born from Fire”, this exhibition is the first of its kind, and you only have one more day to come and experience the show.

The art exhibition is open today from 9am until 6pm, and the final day is this Saturday 28th October 2017 when the show closes at midday noon on Saturday.

Buyers can collect their wrapped and packaged items from 4pm-6pm on Saturday 28th October 2017.

Born from Fire : The Art of Glass and Metal by Alice Hill and Shane Bower

Born from Fire: The art of glass and metal. By Shane Bower and Alice Hill

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