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Colourful, striking and wonderfully tactile, Hot Glass Fiji’s hand blown glass coconuts are unique artworks that are fantastic as gifts, souvenirs or decor.

Few things are more evocative of Fiji and the Pacific Islands than the swaying coconut palm – the  ‘Tree of Life’ is used throughout the Islands from root to branch. The taste of the Islands, the coconut provides the ‘Bu” – the coconut water that is not only delicious but incredibly healthy – and the flesh that can be prepared in multiple ways and is found throughout the cuisine, especially in anything cooked ‘Vakalolo’. Outside of food and drink, the leaves are used in weaving and construction, the copra produces the incredible coconut oil for health, beauty and ok, more cooking; the husk or ‘coir’ to make the amazing magimagi rope that is used in traditional Fijian architecture and in Hot Glass Fiji’s work as well as in fishing nets, gardening, mats, mattresses and a whole range of other stuff from the weird to the wonderful. The wood and shells are used in tools, furniture and fuel, and furthermore, not only are coconut trees ideal to sling a hammock between for a shady snooze, but the nuts are used by kids in Fiji as rugby balls from the age of dot, which is why Fijians are the best rugby players in the world.

Hot Glass Fiji’s glass coconuts are truly unique. Each one is hand blown into the husk of a coconut, each husk can only be used 2 or 3 times –  no two glass coconuts will ever be exactly alike!

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