SAIL – the perfect corporate centrepiece

The flagship sculpture for the collaborative show Born from Fire, SAIL is an ideal centre piece for any hotel lobby or corporate office entrance.

The subject of this piece is the Pacific Sailfish jumping with strength, grace and power. This icon animal is renowned for the metallic iridescence of its scales and the multi luminescence of its dorsal sail fin.

Shane’s beaten cooper sailfish body matched with Alice’s glass sail fin, accentuates and highlights the natural beauty of the subject.

The back-lit sculpture casts a fabulous shadow with refracted light through its glass sail onto the wall further bringing the piece to life.

For the last 10 days, the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva has been hosting an exhibition of stunning contemporary metal and glass sculptural art created in and inspired by Fiji.

Come along to the first of its kind  “Born from Fire”, to discuss this sculpture with the artists themselves..

Born from Fire : The Art of Glass and Metal by Alice Hill and Shane Bower

Born from Fire: The art of glass and metal. By Shane Bower and Alice Hill

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