We are now FIJIAN MADE


Hot Glass Fiji is very proud to announce that we are now registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and are licensed to use the Fijian Made emblem. We were very pleased to have the opportunity to become Fijian Made, it was great to have the Inland  Revenue and Customs guys come down and watch a demo in the studio.




Here are a few words from the Fijian Made web site – About Fijian made

“When you purchase a Fijian made product or service, you’re helping to create jobs and promote growth. Your purchases ensure that the money spent in Fiji stays in Fiji, reinvesting in the economy and the community. We must grow our economy and it is through the “Fijian Made” Campaign that manufacturers and retailers – large and small – can contribute to the economy while also benefiting consumers. The recently launched Fijian Made certification logo gives everyone the opportunity to easily recognize Fijian produced products or service. Fijians are innovating every day and we must all show our pride and loyalty to internal growth when we purchase and buy “Fijian Made”.

For more info have a look at the Fijian Made website.



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