5 days left to catch the Born from Fire art exhibition

Only 5 days left to catch the “Born from Fire – The Art of Glass and Metal” art exhibition at GPH in Suva. This exhibition showcases the artistic talents and collaborative works of Shane Bower and Alice Hill, two of Fiji’s most sought after and collected contemporary three dimensional artists.


Both glassblowing and metal sculpture are art forms that are born from fire – glass is molten at 1100°c and the braizing technique used in Shane’s work needs the application of direct flame at up to 300°c.

Both techniques require high levels of skill developed from many long hours of training, practice and application to achieve the world class craftsmanship that has gone into these pieces.

The unique collaborative works on show here are the culmination of a six month process of concept discussions, studio visits and hard work.

Both artists output is stunning in its own right, and the combination of the two mediums adds a new dimension to the work – the detailing and hues of the metal complementing the flow and colours of the glass.

Underpinning both artists work is a great love of Fiji, and these pieces reflect the beauty, culture and nature of these Islands.

We hope to see you at  the exhibition.

Alice Hill & Shane Bower

Born from Fire: The art of glass and metal. By Shane Bower and Alice Hill

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