Born from Fire – Art exhibition, Suva, Fiji

Born from Fire – Art exhibition, Suva, Fiji. The art of Glass and Metal by Alice Hill and Shane Bower

Starting on the 19th of October 2017, The Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva will be hosting an exhibition of stunning contemporary metal and glass sculptural art created in and inspired by Fiji.

Born from Fire: The art of glass and metal. By Shane Bower and Alice HillEntitled “Born from Fire”, this exhibition will be the first of its kind. Two of Fiji’s highest profile contemporary artists, Shane Bower and Alice Hill, have been working together to create a unique series of sculptural works that reflect and celebrate the beauty of the country.

They have spent over 6 months working on collaborative pieces which will be on display for the first time along with a range of their own individual work. These prestigious pieces from the two highly sought after and internationally collected artists will be available to buy.

Both artists have enjoyed the process and challenges of working with one another to put this exhibition together, visiting each others studios and creating the initial concepts before bringing them to life. They have both been stimulated by the chance of bringing a different dimension to their work by combining with another artist and another medium, and the finished pieces that are on show are dramatic and striking – works that would already have been beautiful in one material alone are stunning in combination with each other.

After the initial Artists private view and opening on the evening of October 18th, the exhibition will be open to the public for 10 days encompassing two weekends.

It is free of charge to visit and there will also be a number of guided tours of the exhibition explaining the materials, method and inspiration behind the work.

These tours are particularly aimed at aspiring artists and craftspeople – there is a great deal of talent here and one of the goals of the exhibition is to pave the way for future high profile collaborative exhibitions of work by local artists.

The art of Glass and Metal by Alice Hill and Shane Bower

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