Hot Glass Fiji For Art Curator, Jane Seam

Jane Seam is no stranger to travel.

As the wife of the Head of Delegation European Union in the Pacific, Ambassador Sujiro Seam, she has travelled many parts of the world following in his diplomatic career.

Her career also as an independent art curator adds to her love for travel.

The 48-year-old was born in China and is active in supporting Chinese culture.

“I am also European and so I consider myself as a good bridge of the two continents,” she said.

“I met my husband when I used to work in the headquarters of the United Nations General Assembly.”

They have two children.

Being in Fiji for the past five years, Mrs Seam has been actively supporting Fijian art and culture and philanthropic projects, especially for the visually impaired children.

What is One Place You’d Like To Take Visitors To and Why?
As an artist, I love anything that is related to creativity.

I will never forget Alice Hill’s Hot Glass Fiji Studio where I made myself a beautiful whiskey glass and my husband did so too.

There, you can also do plates and vase, things to decorate your house.

You can choose your colour and the pattern, manipulate the glass however way you want and have your own creation.

I thought that was the most fun part in terms of creativity.

But of course everyone else, everywhere else is very, very beautiful.

By Ranoba Baoa

11 Mar 2022 05:00

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