Let’s Go Local: Alice Tells Of Sand Dunes And Sovi Bay

Alice Hill originally from the United Kingdom is a glassblower by profession.

She studied Art Design for two years at Farnham Art College in Surrey, United Kingdom, before deciding to pursue a degree in three-dimensional design specialising in glass.

“I completed my two year post graduate course in the technique of glassblowing from the famous Brierley Hill Glass School in the West Midlands, United Kingdom.”

In 2003, Mrs Hill moved to Fiji with her family.

“We had set up and ran a scuba diving business for nine years,” Mrs Hill said. In 2013, she says they opened Hot Glass Fiji – the first hand blown glass company founded by her and her husband Alex Hill.

Hot Glass Fiji is based in Korotogo on the Coral Coast.

Mrs Hill was the event organiser for the inaugural Loma ni Vale exhibition that was held at the Grand Pacific Hotel from December 11 to 15 2020.

An aerial view of Sovi Bay
An aerial view of Sovi Bay

What’s your secret backyard favourite spot?
Sovi Bay. We love to make fire on the beach, cook barbeque, swim and snorkel.

Hot Bread kitchen in Korovou town
Hot Bread kitchen in Korovou town

What’s your favourite place in Fiji for a pie/coffee?
Hot Bread Kitchen in Korovou town when you are driving up early morning to catch a ferry from Natovi landing. You pop into the bakery there before driving on down to Natovi as the sun rises over Ovalau.

What’s one Fiji spot on the top of your bucket list?
The Southern Lau. I have heard too much about it, the crystal-clear waters and amazing diving. I am hoping to visit some time in 2021.

Alice Hill
Alice Hill

By Elena Lauwai – FIJI SUN – 18 Dec 2020 13:51

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