Loma Ni Vale Exhibition A Success

The Loma ni Vale (In house) exhibition for the interior design and decorator market ended on a high note at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva yesterday.

More than 800 people had turned up to the inaugural exhibition show that was held from December 11 to December 15 2020.

Members of the public were engaged in seeing quality household furniture on display at the exhibition.

Event organiser, Alice Hill of Hot Glass Fiji, said: “We were thrilled with the number of people that had been coming to the exhibition which was overwhelming for us as artists”.

She said many of the artists had their items sold at the exhibition.

“All artists have had a chance to sell their pieces and they have received an enormous amount of exposure to people that have been coming to the exhibition,” Ms Hill said.

Ms Hill thanked the sponsored companies who had assisted in making the event a success.

“We would like to thank Knox Entertainment for assisting the event management, Grand Pacific Hotel for allowing us to host the exhibition, Dulux, Jai & Moti builders for doing the painting of spaces and Law Hill for their support during the opening night.”

The exhibition was also an opportunity for resorts in Fiji to see high quality furniture and artwork on display.

Loma Ni Vale Exhibition A Success

Co-organiser and interior fashion designer, Robert Kennedy said: “Our aim was to also attract the resort market for refurbishments and we have had a few resort managers that have been to the exhibition”.

Mr Kennedy said a lot of resorts buy furniture imported from overseas and with the exhibition they would now be able to see locally made furniture and artwork from artists and interior designers.

“It has been great to have them see the work of the artists and actually know that we are here in Fiji, he said.

By Elena Lauwai, FIJI SUN
16 Dec 2020 10:53

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